Adult Stem Cells are a New Alternative to Knee Replacement

The knee is a complex joint placed under an extreme amount of stress each and every day during normal tasks, work activities and athletics. When the articular cartilage that covers each bone within the knee begins to break down from the natural aging process or from constant joint wear and tear, individuals living in the Denver, Vail and Aspen, Colorado communities often experience ongoing knee pain, inflammation and stiffness. Once articular cartilage degenerates to a certain extent and bone is rubbing against bone, a knee repair becomes more urgent to alleviate painful symptoms. In the past, a total knee replacement was usually the only option recommended to patients. Today, Dr. Matthew Provencher offers a new alternative to knee replacement known as stem cell therapy for knees.

Stem Cell Therapy as a Non-Surgical Knee Repair

Even though osteoarthritis is the most common joint disorder in America, there is no cure for this chronic condition. Many patients begin a knee repair treatment plan with non-surgical options that include rest, modified activities, weight loss, medications and a detailed physical therapy program.

Unfortunately, many patients still experience additional deterioration of articular cartilage since osteoarthritis is progressive. Dr. Provencher can now help many individuals prolong or eliminate the need for painful knee replacement surgery and a lengthy rehabilitation with stem cell therapy for knees. This innovative alternative to knee replacement is an ideal solution for countless people in the Greater Denver area.

What is Stem Cell Therapy for Knees?

Autologous stem cells, also referred to as adult stem cells, have a natural ability to modulate inflammation, as well as regenerate and stabilize articular cartilage, in arthritic joints. This form of regenerative medicine as a knee repair is safe and effective since it utilizes a patient’s very own adult stem cells found in their bone marrow. Stem cell therapy for knees using autologous stem cells eliminates the risk of infection, disease transmission and tissue rejection that is linked to the controversial fetal stem cell treatments.

This alternative to knee replacement requires Dr. Provencher to begin treatment by harvesting a small sample of bone marrow directly from the patient, usually from the hip. After the bone marrow is collected, it is spun in a special machine called a centrifuge to separate the adult stem cells, platelets and plasma from the red blood cells. The three healing agents are then combined and Dr. Provencher injects them directly into the arthritic joint to promote cartilage regeneration and accelerate healing.

If you live in the Denver, Vail and Aspen, Colorado area and would like more resources on osteoarthritis knee repair options, or would like to discuss stem cell therapy for knees as an alternative to knee replacement, please contact the orthopedic office of Dr. Matthew Provencher today.