An Overview of Stem Cell Knee Therapy Cost and Ideal Candidates for the Biologic Treatment

Knee pain is one of the leading causes of orthopedic visits in the United States, often causing individuals to limit normal everyday tasks and discontinue athletic activities. When knee pain becomes chronic following an injury, or from natural degeneration of the joint, many patients believe surgery is the only viable option. Patients now have a different and innovative treatment option available to them. Offered in the Denver, Vail and Aspen, Colorado area by Dr. Matthew Provencher, stem cell knee injections are a safe and effective treatment option designed to prolong or even eliminate knee surgery. In ideal candidates, stem cell knee therapy cost is far more beneficial than undergoing a surgical procedure and lengthy rehabilitation process.

Who is considered an Ideal Stem Cell Knee Injection Candidate?

During an initial physical examination and medical review, Dr. Provencher will determine if a patient is an ideal stem cell candidate. A thorough diagnostic workup will be performed to determine the severity of the knee injury or chronic condition. Common conditions treated by stem cell knee injections include:

  • Chronic tendon injuries
  • Cartilage defects
  • Bone fractures

It is important to note there is no age limit for stem cell knee injections, but certain factors should be considered in patients over the age of 60 years.

Patients under the age of 60 years can typically achieve tissue regeneration utilizing their body’s own adult stem cells. After the age of 60 when the body’s stem cells begin to naturally diminish, patients usually achieve better results utilizing a combination of platelet rich plasma (PRP) and/or amniotic-fluid derived allografts for accelerated healing, as well as an allograft for regeneration.

Stem cell knee injections continue to gain popularity as a non-surgical treatment option for orthopedic injuries. The biologic treatment is designed to lessen or diminish chronic knee pain caused by a tendon, ligament or cartilage injury, as well as knee osteoarthritis. One of the many benefits of this biologic treatment includes that the stem cells utilized for the procedure come from the patient and not from controversial fetal/embryonic stem cells.

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Alleviate Knee Pain?

Stem cell knee injections are considered a relatively simple treatment for patients when weighing the option against knee surgery and rehabilitation. The biologic treatment begins with Dr. Provencher harvesting a sample of bone marrow from the patient, typically from the hip joint. The sample is then spun down in a special machine called a centrifuge so the autologous (adult) stem cells, platelets and white blood cells become separated from the red blood cells. The three healing agents are then combined and injected directly into the injured knee joint to accelerate tissue and/or bone healing.

Items to Consider when Determining Stem Cell Knee Therapy Cost

When patients have exhausted conservative measures to alleviate chronic knee pain, surgery is usually the next step. Unfortunately for many patients, surgery is not always a viable option. In these patients, Dr. Provencher may recommend stem cell knee injections to promote healing and reduce painful symptoms of the injured soft tissue or bone.

Since stem cell therapy is still considered experimental/investigational in the orthopedic field, insurance does not cover the procedure. All procedures are cash pay only.

Stem cell knee therapy cost varies with Dr. Provencher depending on injury severity, amount of required injections, etc. If platelet rich plasma or an allograft must be utilized in older patients, the cost may increase. Dr. Provencher will discuss full stem cell knee therapy cost with each patient on an individual basis.

Patients should be aware that Dr. Matthew Provencher is actively involved in stem cell uses, research and education. Because of this, patients should not be concerned they are receiving a treatment that is not necessary or beneficial to joint healing. He follows a set of strict protocols at all times to ensure a patient is an appropriate candidate in order to minimize any concerns about stem cell knee therapy cost and outcome. These protocols include:

  • Patients are appropriately selected based on diagnosis and prior treatment
  • Stem cells must be highly concentrated for maximum benefit
  • Stem cells that are toxic or killed off by prolotherapy will never be used
  • Stem cells must be harvested from the correct location in a patient’s body
  • Stem cells must be injected under imaging guidance into the correct affected areas

Stem cell knee injections can be quite effective in many patients if these protocols are followed. Many patients find comfort in stem cell knee therapy cost after discussing the treatment option in great detail with Dr. Provencher and his orthopedic team.

If you live in the Denver, Vail and Aspen, Colorado area and would like additional resources on stem cell knee injections, or to discuss stem cell knee therapy cost in detail, please contact the orthopedic office of Dr. Matthew Provencher today.