An Overview of Stem Cell Joint Injections

Constant use of the body’s major joints during everyday tasks, work-related movements and sports activities causes extreme stress. This repeated stress load on the joints can lead to a number of injuries, such as cartilage, ligament, tendon and muscle injuries. Serving the Denver, Vail and Aspen, Colorado area, Dr. Matthew Provencher offers stem cell therapy utilizing a patient’s very own adult stem cells found in their bone marrow. Stem cell joint injections continue to gain popularity as a safe and effective regenerative medicine technique designed to accelerate healing and regeneration following a joint injury.

What are Adult Stem Cells?

Adult stem cells, also referred to as autologous stem cells, are found within the human body and have the natural ability to accelerate the body’s healing response after an injury. Autologous stem cells are extracted from the patient’s own body, reducing the risk of disease transmission, tissue rejection and infection..

Adult Stem Cells | Vail CO

How is Stem Cell Therapy Performed?

A patient’s own bone marrow is extracted by Dr. Provencher, most commonly from the hip area, to start stem cell therapy. The sample of bone marrow is then spun in a special machine in order to separate the platelets, white blood cells and adult stem cells from the red blood cells. Once the three healing agents are separated, they are combined so Dr. Provencher can inject the stem cell joint injection directly into the injured area to regenerate tissue and accelerate healing.

Common Uses of Stem Cell Joint Injections

Stem cell joint injections are gaining popularity in orthopedic medicine because of their natural healing ability. Adult stem cell therapy is commonly used by Dr. Provencher to treat cartilage injuries, ligament injuries, tendon injuries, bone fractures and painful symptoms associated with osteoarthritis.

Please note that stem cell joint injections are not appropriate for all patients. Those over the age of 60 years may benefit more from using allograft (donor) stem cells derived from amniotic fluid. This is because the body’s ability to produce adult stem cells begins to diminish around the age of 60. Dr. Provencher and his orthopedic team will provide more details on this treatment option on an individual basis.

To learn more about the affects of biologics in sports medicine, please visit the biologic research section of our website: Biologic Research.

If you would like to learn more about stem cell therapy, or would like to discuss if you are an ideal candidate for stem cell joint injections, please contact the orthopedic office of  Dr. Matthew Provencher serving the Denver, Vail and Aspen, Colorado communities.