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Thank you for your interest in our PPX – Proven Patient Experience – app. Here, you can download the latest version of our cutting edge mobile app for your iPhone that Dr. Provencher and team created. This app will increase the availability of information to his patients and create a new level of concierge care for the future. On this page, you will see several examples of what you might find while using the app on your phone.
The app is customized to your individual care and treatment protocols, as it is completely HIPAA compliant and linked to your medical record. It is your way to stay current and involved along your journey to recovery.

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Please download and register your app to begin your journey to recovery, stay informed throughout your entire episode of your care, have access to relevant information about your diagnosis and treatment, access videos from Dr. Provencher and facilitate communication between you and his staff.
We thank you for being involved in our app’s beginning and would appreciate any feedback you may have.


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