Recently a grateful patient of Dr. Provencher’s compared his team to fighting mongooses and made them all special beanie/hats. Read her letter below.

28 August 2021

“Dear Fighting Mongooses,

Can you believe it’s been nearly a year since my OATS procedure?

But maybe we should back up…Fighting Mongooses???

I was going to call you all Team Provencher, but I have decided to rechristen you “The Fighting Mongooses.”

Why the fighting mongooses?

Because mongooses eat cobras. Yep. Cobras! Hooded, venomous, scary-beyond-all-reason cobras? Yeah…for a mongoose they’re what’s for breakfast.

I feel like we’ve been through a lot together and I appreciate your help in fighting all the cobras along the way.

Robin and Katie – Thanks a million for fighting the cobras of records and logistics! We solved the case of the missing images. No mystery machine required, thanks to your professionalism and composure. I could always count on you both to provide the best patient service even when the whole world went bananas during a global pandemic.

Sam and Scott – I’d be lost without the two PA’s extraordinaire. Thanks for answering all my questions and always providing the best patient care. You both always go the extra mile and I can’t thank you enough for making me feel valued and cared for.

Tyler – I only got to meet you at one appointment. But I can tell that you have a real passion for sports medicine. Keep up the good work! (And keep the podcast episodes coming!)

Dr. P – The fighting mongooses could not have a better team captain. I know the demands on your time are insane and I’m so grateful for all your help. Thanks for lending me your top-shelf surgical skills and encouraging me to reach vine-ripened tomato status. (If the main site keep programming front squats and box set-overs, I’ll be there soon.) You are truly one of the best!

I hope these hats keep your heads warm. And maybe they will remind you that what you do everyday matters more than people say.

With warm regards,

Jen Huggins”