Dr. Matthew Provencher and the Vail Veteran’s Program welcomed a group of seven veterans of the Israeli Defense Force. Those veterans are supported by Brothers for Life, an Israeli group with a very similar mission as the Vail Veterans Program: To provide injured veterans with support and respite from their day-to-day lives.

Dr. Provencher and Cordillera resident, Steven Wellins, both had a hand in opening up the program specifically designed for wounded warriors.

Several years ago, Dr. Provencher, a retired U.S. Navy surgeon still in active practice, was working at a hospital in Boston when a fellow doctor approached him to help care for “wounded warrior athletes.” Provencher at one time was one of the surgeons who helped care for the New England Patriots, so he’s familiar with orthopedic injuries. When he moved to Vail, Dr. Provencher met Vail Veterans Program founder Cheryl Jensen and learned about the efforts to bring Israeli veterans to the Vail Valley.  Steven Wellins also learned of the idea and he and Dr. Provencher reached out to a lot of their friends to raise enough money to bring the first group to Vail 2019.  December 2021, the same friends helped organize this trip.

The veterans were able to hear others speak on their injuries and how they have dealt with PTSD. They then hit the ski slopes, where nothing slowed them down!

Scott Miller from VailDaily did an article on the latest group of warriors. You can find that article here: Vail Veterans Program welcomes an Israeli group.

You can also donate to The Vail Veteran’s Program HERE