Impact of Military Medicine on Orthopedic Care- CAPT(Ret) Matthew Provencher, MD, MBA

The WarDocs podcast aims to honor military medicine’s legacy and achievements, fostering patriotism and pride. In this episode of WarDocs podcast, retired Navy Captain and orthopedic surgeon Matthew T. Provencher, MD, shares his journey from the seas of the Navy to the sidelines of the NFL, and how military discipline has molded his approach to sports medicine.

Topic covered include:

  • Dr. Provencher’s journey from aspiring fighter pilot to orthopedic surgeon was shaped by mentorship and a relentless drive to excel.
  • Military values such as accountability and integrity formed the foundation for his work, including initiatives like the Special Forces Tactical Athlete Program.
  • Experience aboard the USNS Mercy provided insights into leadership and safety in medical operations, showcasing the adaptability of military medicine.
  • Work at Balboa in San Diego treating complex battlefield injuries led to innovative techniques in orthopedic practices.
  • Dr. Provencher’s role as team physician for the New England Patriots resulted in revolutionary surgical approaches that benefit athletes.
  • Anecdotes, like NFL coach Bill Belichick’s visit to a Naval Hospital, highlight the intersection of military and sports.
  • Currently, Dr. Provencher provides second opinions for athletes, showcasing the wide-ranging influence of his expertise.
  • His story underscores the values of discipline, innovation, and excellence, transcending boundaries between military and civilian life.

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